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Pelion High School
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The NATA Secondary Schools Athletic Trainers Committee has been very busy this past year.  In January, Committee Chair Larry Cooper and former Chair Brian Robinson presented a series of case studies unique to the secondary school setting during the NATA Athletic Trainer Educators Conference in Dallas, TX.  The presentation was enjoyed by all those in attendance and sparked good discussion.  The SSATC hopes to have the case studies in a distributable format in the near future.

The Youth Sport Safety Alliance held its annual summit February 5-6 in Washington, DC.  As part of the summit, and in conjunction with the NATA, the Youth Sport Safety Alliance submitted to Congress both a National Action Plan for Sports Safety (House Resolution 72) and a Secondary Schools Athletes Bill of Rights.  According to numerous media reports these two documents were well-received by many members of Congress and the Resolution currently has two sponsors.

The SSATC has been working in conjunction with the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) to gather information on the number of public high schools that currently employ or have the services of a certified athletic trainer.  Through a series of phone interviews and e-mail surveys, both KIS and the SSATC are currently gathering data which will hopefully give a clearer picture of the percentage of high schools that have daily access to a certified athletic trainer providing appropriate health care for their student athletes. 

The SSATA web page on the NATA web site has been updated to include a great deal of useful information, including contacts/links for various organizations (athletic directors, state athletic associations, state sports medicine committees, etc.).  Hopefully, you will find this as a useful resource for your state’s membership.

Each year the SSATC awards the Jack Cramer Scholarship to a high school senior who intends to pursue a career as an athletic trainer in the secondary school setting.  Students from all across the country submit applications for this scholarship and a finalist is chosen from each of the NATA’s ten districts.  This year’s finalist from District III was Morgan Greene from Shelby High School in Shelby, NC. 

The Secondary School session will be held on Tuesday, June 25th from 8:15-10:15 at the NATA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  We hope that anyone who is making the trip to Las Vegas will take the opportunity to attend this session.  The session is titled: "Secret Weapons: Available Resources You Are NOT Using".  Speakers include Beth Mallon, Ray Castle, and Dr. William Heinz.

The Secondary School Committee continues to monitor developments associated with athlete safety legislation across the country. Athletic Trainers are encouraged to be involved throughout the legislative process.

The Committee is finishing a review of the Position Proposal and Position Improvement Guides, updating and revising both of these important tools. Both documents, as well as a host of valuable resources, are available on the NATA website.




The District III Representative to the NATA Secondary School Committee should be actively engaged with his/her respective state AT association and the District. Representatives are expected to participate in regular committee conference calls, usually one every 2-4 weeks from 9-10 pm. The committee will meet during the NATA annual meeting each summer, usually the day before the meeting begins and each district representative is expected to attend. Periodic communication with state SS representatives, state leadership and district leadership is required. Contact David McAllister, current DIII Representative to the NATA SSC for application information.

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