NATA Political Action Committee

Robert J. Cable MS, ATC
District III NATAPAC Chair
Associate Director of Athletics for
Sports Medicine, Facilities and Game Day Management
Head Athletic Trainer
Fairmont State University
304-367-4273 (o)
304-677-7492 (c)




The PAC had a conference call in early September. The objective of the call was to make certain the correct policy is being followed when soliciting and taking PAC contributions. The PAC has a little over $137,000 and had a increase in donations at the June NATA meeting. The 7 on 7 program is slowly catching on; I personally feel this is the best way to give. I have signed up for the program and like the fact that it is “mindless” giving. You can choose to get the donation taken out for a period of time or you can let it roll over for as long as you want. I would hope more people would take advantage of this opportunity. As we near the time for dues renewal, please consider a donation to the PAC, and of course the Research Foundation. Both of these are worthy entities and when you renew your dues please consider a donation. Also discussed was the "ramping up" of the political process as we move into an election year. More on who will be targeting, and how every member can be a part of the process, can be seen on the NATA PAC website. The major issues of reversing the CMS ruling and the continued process of getting Athletic Trainers' Equal Access to Medicare Act of 2009 (ATEAM) (HR 1137) into committee for consideration as a bill for inclusion of Athletic Trainers into Health Care Reform package. Please be an informed member and be active in the political process. Write letters, visit your representative and senators and, above all be an advocate of our profession. Our next conference call is in November. For all the happenings of the PAC visit the website:

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